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FB or Mw accounts:(!

Message  Milux le Dim 19 Déc - 1:29

As there is amny trouble in FB.... 500 millions of users, can gives some interrest to nasty accounts crackers or so..., i cut n' pass some links and text sent by my friends of Chill:)!

100 TKS to them:)!


Charlie Chill 18 décembre, 02:37 Répondre • Signaler
Hi Guys...I got this info from our friends at MW WWWF !

Please pass it around to your Mafia Wars friends and families..
is very IMPORTANT !

I have seen first hand that there are hackers out there right now taking advantage of people who have their new inventory page set to public.go to your MW profile page and scroll to the bottom and set your inventory setting to private... If you get booted from MW and try to log back in and it tells you your account has been disabled or deactivated. Contact facebook directly DO NOT OPEN ANY EMAILS. If you do you are more than likely to lose your account. First thing after you read this,CHANGE that setting. Don't mess around. If you get an email with anything other than a, don't respond to it and report it to one of these links. , , , ; , ,

These are legit links to facebook. If any link you receive says "" anywhere in the senders address, don't trust it. This could be the difference between keeping your account and losing your account. Once hacked you probably won't get it back because they reset your account password and then disable your account so it looks like you did it yourself. This is a very crafty scam and you don't want caught up in it.

Happy Holidays

Best Regards :



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